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Abandon (Swe) - 2009 - The Dead End [2 CD]
Band: Abandon (Swe)
Album: The Dead End
Genre(s): Sludge/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Experiences, Life, Struggles
Country: Sweden (Gothenburg)
Formed in: 1998
Current/last label(s): Black Star Foundation / Codebreaker Records
Status: Active
Website: Abandon @ Myspace

Current line-up:
Johan Carlzon - Vocals (R.I.P, 1976 - December 17th 2008 - overdose) (Relevant Few)
Ingvar Sandgren - Guitar
David Fredriksson - Bass, Vocals
Dani Cosimi - Drums
Mehdi Vafaei - Pump Organ
Former/past member(s):
Carl Linnaeus - Bass
Johan Nilsson - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Relevant Few)
Magnus Häggman - Drums


1.Bitter the Surface04:19
2.Pitch Black Hole08:18[view lyrics]
3.Lost We Are13:51[view lyrics]
4.Falling Into Place04:05[view lyrics]
6.In Reality Suffer11:06[view lyrics]
Disc 2
1.For Crumbs We Crawl02:50
2.The Dead End13:42
3.It's All Gone17:17[view lyrics]
4.There Is No Escape08:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time 01:46:27

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Note: Released in co-operation with Discouraged Records.
The record comes in a ecologically produced ecopack made from recycled paper and
instead of cellophane wrapping we have choosed to use a more eco friendly pvc bag.

Artwork by Johan Carlzon.
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